COAL TRAIN (Sunderland, UK)

26.04.2011 – Klub GENAU
COAL TRAIN (Sunderland, UK)
Formed from the ashes of much-missed Sunderland outfit This
Aint Vegas come Coal Train, a band with every bit as much skewed melody and sonic firepower as their predecessors.
…Drawing on influences such as The Band, Wilco and Red House Painters, the Sunderland based four piece have etched a fresh new sound that still captures the raw energy of their DIY punk rock past. The band now comprises of Richard Amundsen, Jordan Hill, Michael Matthews and new pianist John Beattie.
Coal Train are no strangers to live shows, as their former band proved with relentless touring of the UK and the continent that had a reputation for honest and dynamic performances. Time waits for no man, and Coal Train aren’t hanging around, with ambitions of re-igniting the live scene and recording a full length LP later this year.
Get on the train……
Vor und nach der Show:
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Watch and listen:
Vietorstr. 59a
Doors: 20.00 Uhr
Start: 21.00 Uhr
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