Baustelle: DANIEL BACHMAN ***live live live***

Mittwoch, 15.04.2015
Doors: 20.00
Beginn: 20:30


Super exklusiv und spontan kommt uns ein alter Freund nochmal besuchen! Daniel Bachman, bereits 2012 und 2013 von uns eingeladen. Heute ist er ein kleiner Superstar in seinem Heimatland und deshalb freuen wir uns umso mehr, dass er spontan den Vorschlag gemacht hat, bei uns zu spielen um uns mit seiner Gitarre wieder in diesen magischen Watte-Zustand beflügeln. Yay!


„Daniel Bachman, in his early 20s has been releasing music under his nickname Sacred Harp for a couple of years. Bachman’s technique is sound. His playing is propulsive, capable of generating a flow that feels inexorable, yet fraught with mysterious atmosphere. He has a great tone and plenty of sonic presence. Bachman is a guy who understands how to fill a room with a guitar’s sound. Just as important as his playing, the guy knows how to compose music that feels like more than an excuse to play music. While the bulk of this music could be played in a blackout, he can deal with being in the 21st century; the melody of “Sun Over Old Rag” rises up over some sort of electronic drone. The guitar does not say all, of course, but it sure is a delight to hear Bachman power it through the stirring theme. Likewise, it feels good to know that people born in the early Bush years care enough about this American art form to not just keep it alive, but make it live and grow.“ – Dusted Reviews


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